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Ed Greenman
71 years old
About Me

I have been a member of the McGraw Fire Dept. since 1972. I knew all the trucks numbers since 3rd. grade. I thought the 1941 LaFrance was special then.

joe nauseef
Site Owner
About Me

My Name is Joe Nauseef. I was born and raised in Cortland. Since I was a little kid I always dreamed of being in the fire department. When I was old enough to ride my bike around the neighborhood, I quickly memorized all of the box numbers in the neighborhood. I was so good at knowing wich one was where that one night while sitting at the dinner table , I heard the horn blowing and soon deciphered that the alarm was coming from the box on the corner of Pendleton street and Port Watson. I spoke up and said hey that fire is close by us. My father said lets eat not talk , but I remember my mom say holly crap the fire is over there ! we all jumped up , looked out the window and saw the big silo fire at the old Brewer plant on Pendleton Street ! ( our back yard back then ! ) it was the old Berlew silo fire ! some of you older guys should remember that fire ! It was then that i knew my true calling. After graduating school in 1986 I joined the City of Cortland Fire Dept. in 1988 I became a member of the Homer Hook and Ladder Company where I served as company warden , Leitenant and Captain . I served with the Homer Fire Dept until 2005. After taking a break for a Couple of years , I soon began to get that itch again ! I moved to McGraw with Rosa , who is now my lovely wife . She is in the fire department along with her brother and Father , ........So here I am today.... Vice President and Rescue Captain of the Mcgraw Fire Department! I work full Time with T.L.C ems Inc. as a Dispatcher EMD in the 911 center , And ! still also spend some time out on the streets when the need arises. I am Married to the lovely Rosa ( Greenman ) Nauseef , we have a Daughter Leah Rose , and I have 3 other children Kyle , Kory and Kari-Anne.