McGraw Fire Department

1941 American Lafrance

The McGraw Fire department is looking for help in restoring our 1941 American LaFrance Fire truck. The truck was purchased and placed in service to the McGaw fire department in 1941 ! It served the community of McGraw and surrounding districs until it was retired in the sixties. the truck moved around a lot for the following years untill two members of the fire department got together and  made a deal to get the truck back. Kerm Roe along with Les Bordwell made a sweet deal over a couple of beers in the beer tent with Sam Salisbury and before you knew it the truck was back home in McGraw! It sat in Kerms barn for 30 years or more before his passing. The family of Kerm Roe decided that the Fire department should have the truck back and graciously donated the truck to us! After a few hours and a lot of elbow grease and determination, We got the ole' girl running. The antique committe is trying to restore the truck and bring it back to good condition to use for education and parades. We are utilizing funds that are only raised by donations and fundraising so that it is built without using department or village taxpayers money! We appreciate any and all donations big or small. We also thank everyone for there continued support on our fundraisers ! Any question on how you can donate to the restoration fund can be directed to Joe Nauseef by e-mail , or by phone 607-345-6156 , or you can call the station and leave a message 607-836-4123 !